Madsen & Schübel Brown Leather Armchair with Ottoman

Madsen & Schübel Brown Leather Armchair with Ottoman

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This armchair and accompanying ottoman were designed by Madsen & Schübel for the Dutch manufacturer Bovenkamp in the 1960s. This set are upholstered in a soft chocolate brown leather and feature a complementary dark wooden base to both the armchair and stool. The armchair has a swivel motion, and the headrest cover can be removed with a proper function. The height of the stool can be adjusted to accompany the chair. 

There is some discolouration of the leather due to age but it is otherwise in perfect condition. The two pieces are sold as a set. 


Hight: 95cm
Seat Hight: 45cm
Width: 85cm
Depth: 100cm
Seat Depth: 50cm

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