Welcome to Ælfred

As London’s largest warehouse for mid-century Nordic homewares, our website can only highlight the larger pieces from of our collection. Make your way to our Autumn Yard location to find even more vintage design gems.

Wed-Sat 10.00-18.00 & Sun 10.00-16:00


Our newest exciting workshop in collaboration with@cosycornercollective, learn how to draw interior spaces with professional artist and experienced teacher Abigail Yentis.

The art of drawing interiors has existed for centuries and now you have an opportunity to dive into the fascinating narrative while you immerse yourself in the captivating interior space of Aelfred.

The workshop will run from 1pm-3pm lead by Abigail with an introduction to the history of interior drawing by Ælfred. Complimentary refreshments will also be provided, follow the link here to book your space now!✨

Many More Smalls in Store!

So many smalls, so little time! Come visit our showroom to see the full extent of what’s on offer, from vintage glassware to kitchen accessories.