Ib Geertsen Lithograph

Ib Geertsen Lithograph

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This gorgeous geometric lithograph was created by artist Ib Geertsen in 1987 and is titled Composition, 1987. This specific lithograph is edition 100 and is dated 1997, both the date and artist's signatures can be seen written at the bottom of the print. 

Ib Geertsen was a Danish modern artist and was one of the originators of the 'Konkret' movement in post-war Scandinavia. The movement was derived from constructivism and was associated with the social democracy of Denmark. Geertsen was born in Copenhagen, his early career differed greatly from his inevitable creative pathway, however, his history helped to pave the art movement as it took direct influence from the arts and crafts traditions influenced from his early life. 

In 1947 with fellow artists, Richard Winther and Albert Mertz, Geertsen co-founded the neo-Dada Linien II group. It was during this time, that Geertsen's work became characterised by contrasting colours, bright and bold flat forms and block shapes. A style in which we can see depicted in this wonderful print. 


Height: 46.2cm
Width: 37.6cm

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