K. O. Hilkier Still Life Painting

K. O. Hilkier Still Life Painting

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This piece is by Danish artist Knud Ove Hilkier, born 1884 Hilkier was best known for his impressionistic landscape and harbour scenes as well as his still life paintings. He studied at the Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen in 1907, his work has been exhibited throughout Scandinavia as well as the Danish National Museum of Art.

This particular still life in oil, depicts a lush floral display with a similar toned leafy plant in the foreground, paired with a bowl of fruit. The painting also features a small label on the back of the canvas frame, translated the text reads 'This year the painter K. O. Hilkier celebrates his 40th anniversary as an exhibitor at the Charlottenborg's spring exhibition.' for which he exhibited from 1909-1957.


71.3 x 84.4 cm

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