Modular Shelving Unit by Kajsa & Nils Strinning

Modular Shelving Unit by Kajsa & Nils Strinning

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This free-standing wall shelving unit, was designed by Kajsa and Nils Strinning, for String Sweden in the 1950's. This piece features an oak cabinet and shelves, housed in an aluminium frame.

The small oak unit at the bottom has two sliding doors with recessed handles, once slid the doors reveal two shelves one on either side of the unit. The aluminium frame has curved design elements and a ladder effect, while being a key aesthetic design feature this ladder element of the frame also allows for the shelf's modularity. The individual shelves have small metal latches which enable them to be moved up and down the rungs or removed completely. This modular consideration expands the use of this unit and enables it to function entirely for the suitability of the user. 

The original authentication labels can be found under the shelves of the unit. 


H187 x W81 x D36cm

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