Rosewood Coffee Table with Reversible Drawers

Rosewood Coffee Table with Reversible Drawers

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This incredibly unique Danish coffee table is made from rosewood and dates to the 1960s. It is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship and design, with numerous ingenious features making it a true statement piece. The table has a gorgeous grain running through tabletop and set on elegantly smoothed tapered legs, the overall design is reminiscent of pieces created by designer Johannes Andersen.

The most interesting aspect of this piece are the two reversible drawers on either side of the table, they feature integrated lip handles, blonde interiors and wonderful dove-tail joinery. The most unique element of this piece is the drawers mechanised 'see saw' motion, both drawers can be pushed or pulled from either side of the table creating a reversible ability. 


Hight: 50.5cm
Width: 54cm
Length: 135cm

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